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The Night Before the Test

Study:   Using The Official SAT Study Guide  (collegeboard)

                 Math Notes pg. 228-300

                 Writing the Essay pg. 101-102

                Critical Reading: pg. 50-54

Review: Critical Reading Handout

                  SAT Essay Handout

Go over all tests that are completed. Retry missed questions.

Study and practice for 2-3 hours the night before the test.

Bedtime: 9:30pm

Wake up: 6:00am

Be sure to have a good breakfast (low sugar).

Make sure you have time to go to the bathroom before the test.

Pack some fruit for the test, bring a bottle of water, three number 2 pencils, and your calculator with fresh batteries.You will need your photo ID and a copy of your paid receipt for the test. See the page on what to bring to the test. Click here.

LIST of No No's for the day and night before

  1. Arguments with family members
  2. Breakups with boyfriend/girlfriend
  3. Drinking caffeine beverages (soda, coffee, tea)
  4. Trying to solve a friend's life problems
  5. Doing chores in the house (have your parents call me)
  6. Dreaming about getting a great score
  7. Staying up late
  8. Watching TV that is too stimulating (ie scary movies)
  9. Eating junk food

How to Psychologically deal with the SAT Test

  1. Use all the methods you learned for each section. (Remember: the one sentence summary for the reading passage opening paragraph, trying answer C on the Math and if needed plugging in numbers, using the four paragraph essay model with a complete paraphrase of the information in the box and the assignment sentence, watching your time as you take the test)
  2. Only think about the problem that you are doing. Do Not think about what you can score. Work hard without rushing your work.
  3. If you are stuck on a problem, go back to it later. Your mind will keep working on it in the background.
  4. You have worked very hard in this course and you have the skills to raise your score. Be positive about your skills and knowledge and deal with each problem individually. Do not allow frustration to set in.
  5. Remember, I will be thinking of each and every one of you. I have the utmost respect for your achievements and all the work you have completed. You can win, you need to and I am proud of you. Do your best and when you are tired, do not quit on yourself.