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"I raised my score over 300 points! Let me tell you how...

— satisfied customer
You can learn how our secrets to SAT success work. Just click on the tips or strategies sections and start winning!

We can help you win

The EDIT Education Center is committed to
inspire our students in achieving excellence.
We believe that everyone has the desire to succeed,
which must be nurtured along with the knowledge
that is gained from the joy of learning.The following are some of the comments from our
parents and students:

“Thanks for helping my son raise his SAT score from a 1350 to a 1710.”
Hendrick Hudson High School Mom

“I won a full scholarship to college because your SAT program helped me raise my score
250 points.”

Walter Panas High Student

“Your SAT Prep course helped my daughter
raise her overall scores 430 points,
thanks so much .”

Somers High School Mom

“Your strategies helped me so much. Your course gave me the confidence to succeed and raise my score.”
Yorktown High School Student



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