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Critical Reading Strategy

Sentence Completion Method

  1. Always cover up the answers with your non-writing hand.
  2. Think of your own word or words to fill in the blanks.
  3. Look at the answers given and try to eliminate the one answer that is really bad.
  4. Make sure that the answer you pick fits both blanks well. 

Reading Passage Method

Small passages:    Read the passage Twice while creating pictures in your mind about what you are reading. Reading the passage twice should take about one minute. Answer the two questions while looking back at the passage. Do not take more than 30 seconds per question.

Double passage: Read the first passage using the method listed below. Answer the questions for the first passage and then do the second passage.

Reading the passage

  1. Read the italicized words and the first paragraph (or approximately 15 lines) while you try to convert the words into pictures in your mind (this is called Visualization).
  2. Think about what you have just read (Translation).
  3. Re-read the italicized words and the first paragraph (or approximately 15 lines) and add to the pictures in your mind.
  4. Read the rest of the passage thinking of the Who, What, When Where, Why and How.

Answering the questions

  2. When answering a line number question always look back at the passage six lines before the line number, the line number itself, and six lines after.
  3. Try to answer the questions with thoughts based on the passage, and not your opinion